Startups' Roundtable
Helping premature babies breathe - innovation at Ventora Medical
August 18, 2020
When helping premature babies breathe is your purpose, and your pathway is to empower clinicians through innovation, there must be a number of cultural and process experiences to share at the Startups’ Roundtable, and that is exactly what Amy Yu, the CTO at Ventora Medical did for us on this episode. Amy is a biomedical engineer with a passion for problem solving, innovation and engineering and from her perspective as a co-founder of Ventora Medical, she talks about the founders journey and the bridging of health, technology and business.

Amy Yu, the CTO at Ventora Medical, provides multiple views into the complexity of co-founding a medical startup.  From the merging of business and engineering to be applied to a heavily regulated industry in the health sector.  Added to that, Ventora Medical is innovating to help newborn babies, their families and the committed medical teams that support them.

Born in 2018, Ventora Medical is a Melbourne-based medical device company with a vision to address this clinical need. 

Their team comprises passionate biomedical engineers, healthcare and business experts from a diverse range of backgrounds and they are passionate and committed to setting a new standard of neonatal care.