Startups' Roundtable
The Art of Productivity: How Lodago Became a Leader in the Field
July 26, 2022
Speaking at the Startups' Roundtable with Lodago Co-Founder Ivan Grisedale allowed me to explore workplace productivity from two perspectives: 1. The step-change productivity Lodago provides that is increasingly vital in this work-from-home era. 2. How a startup creates space for their innovation in a crowded marketplace. Email is a staple in the workplace, but coordinating schedules and finding time to meet can be difficult. Lodago's email integration allows users to access a sender's availability in real-time, so they can easily find a time to collaborate. Our conversation offers insights for both workplace leaders and founders. #email #innovation #productivity #startup #workfromhome #lodago
At the Startups' Roundtable, Ivan Grisedale discusses Lodago, the only appointment scheduling system with real-time calendar availability integrated inside the email to increase meeting conversions by up to 60%. 

Their platform allows you to schedule meetings directly from your emails, eliminating any need to leave your inbox to make an appointment. 

Fantastic innovation for the work-from-home era.