Startups' Roundtable
Fuelfinance: Ukraine, startup, customer-centricity & mindset with CEO, Alyona Mysko
July 5, 2022
Join me at the Startups' Roundtable and meet Ukraine based, Fuelfinance CEO and co-founder, Alyona Mysko. Launching Fuelfinance just before Covid introduced hurdles, but that didn't slow the team and neither has the war which has fractured their country. The challenges have hardened the Fuelfinance team's resolve as they continue to provide their cloud-based financial department for small businesses and startups that is efficient, agile, and affordable.
Speaking with Fuelfinance CEO and co-founder, Alyona Mysko from Ukraine reminded me that mindset is more than just a belief system; it's how people perceive and react to their environment.
It's the way they think about themselves, others, and their goals, while balancing beliefs with reality.
Alyona and the Fuelfinance story inspired me and I hope you enjoy our conversation.
Also, if you are wondering how you can support the people of Ukraine, Alyona has shared these links with me: