Startups' Roundtable
The Future of Data Ownership - Mine makes your online privacy rights simple & accessible
August 7, 2021
To take ownership of your personal data online. Think you have it covered, or does it feel like some fanciful dream? Gal Ringel is co-founder and CEO of Mine, and uses AI to help us discover our online footprint and wrestle back control, and in the process, Mine never reads, processes, or collects the content of our emails. Gal is an accomplished leader with a rare fusion of technology (Cybersecurity, six years in the 8200 elite intelligence corps), entrepreneurship and VC experience and in this conversation, you will quickly discover that he is a strategic thinker with unique business skills. Gal strongly believes that: "Success is a management of failures" and therefore, his motto: "Do not be afraid to take risks and experience failures. This is how we learn best!" I was fortunate to have him share risks, failures and learnings on this episode.

Gal Ringel is co-founder and CEO of Mine where they believe data ownership is a fundamental human right that must be accessible to everyone.

This was a powerful base for a conversation, and the problem that the Mine team is tackling gave us a lot of scope for this podcast episode.

Mine enables digital users to discover, and control what the internet knows about them, their digital footprint. All done through a simple, easy to use, mobile web-based app.

Mine's goal is to help people worldwide to reduce their unnecessary online exposure to minimize potential risks. Keep your data, only where you need it.

In addition to understanding more about the data privacy challenge Mine is helping consumers manage, Gal was able to share his military security influence and his VC investor experience.