Startups' Roundtable
Building a world-class business on resilience, mission & passion - leadership lessons from Daniella Boutros
July 14, 2020
I experienced an incredible level of generosity in this conversation with Daniella Boutros, founder and CEO of Buttercreme Lane, which is famous for the most amazing cakes. Daniella provides real-life experiences and motivations that started as a 16-year old with dyslexia who left school to chart her own course. Daniella shares stories and experiences, including the origins of her journey, that leave no doubt as to her resiliency.  Her encouragement to embrace life’s challenges and make something from the experience is well beyond rhetoric. I know you will agree once you have had the change to meet this amazing leader.

Defining your business based on your personal mission and values is courageous and compelling, and that is only the start of what Daniella Boutros, founder and CEO of Buttercreme Lane covered with me on this episode of the Startups’ Roundtable.  

Daniella is famous for her cake creations that have wowed her customers and TV audiences alike, but just near the surface, there is a proud business owner who is intent on letting her values, decency and passion for people, guide the growth of her business.  

I learnt an enormous amount from this  short time with Daniella and I hope you do as well.