Startups' Roundtable
Launching "The Interview Master Deck" to support post-COVID-19 job seekers
June 10, 2020
With coaching and mentoring being such crucial elements of a startups support structure, it was great to have Aggie Pulfer as my guest on this episode of the start of the round table. Aggie’s professional life is coaching and mentoring individuals and groups to enhance performance, improve processes and achieve successes in business, career and life.  In addition, Aggie has launched a Kickstarter program (The Interview Master Deck) which has her working both sides of the startup experience – helping startups and being one herself. Her interesting intersection of experiences set us up for a great discussion.

In March 2020, Aggie Pulfer and her team were laid off due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, and this inspired them to look for a way to help those who will be seeking new employment opportunities post-COVID-19. 

This course of events has led to The Interview Master Deck being launched for funding on Kickstarter, and we had the opportunity to explore the accelerated steps in launching this initiative – truly a real-time startup story.

We also had the chance to draw upon Aggie’s coaching expertise to explore the role of coach and mentor in a startup scenario.  Being able to do this with a professionally accredited coach provided me with fresh perspectives and insights.

Also, you will find Aggie’s website here, and these are the books she mentioned that helped her understand Kickstarter and launch her campaign 

  1. Kickstarter Launch Formula: The Crowdfunding Handbook for Startups, Filmmakers, and Independent Creators by Salvador Briggman
  2. Kick Start: How to Successfully Fund Your First Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter by Cody Smith