Startups' Roundtable
Female founders, financial equity & growth - Kelsey Morgan's decade of advising startups
October 21, 2020
Today’s guest is Kelsey Morgan, and she is a startup advisor for women leaders, and the founder of her growth advisory firm, K. Morgan & Co. As you will hear in this conversation, Kelsey is working towards financial equity for all, through the sustainable growth of impact-driven companies.

Today’s conversation with K. Morgan & Co. founder, Kelsey Morgan, introduces us to her focus on empowering female founders to scale their startups. 

Lessons from Kelsey’s last decade working with female founders and utilising partnerships to 10X revenue, allowed us to discuss a range of topics including confidence, accelerating growth and both building and increasing the efficiencies of teams.

You will also hear Kelsey express the importance of socially conscious startups that support women and families, health/wellness and education.