Startups' Roundtable
WiFi security innovation - insights from Tracie Thompson, CEO of HackHunter
September 10, 2020
Tracie Thompson is a co-founder and CEO of HackHunter and they protect organisations from malicious WiFi networks. To hear this story is to understand how deep experience and insight can translate into a unique product. What you may find of great interest, is to hear Tracie explain how, where and why they pivoted from their original go-to-market and in doing so, found a niche that has scale. B2C shifting to B2B - it is a wonderful part of the HackHunter evolution.

In addition to introducing HackHunter, which continuously monitors for malicious WiFi networks, Tracie Thompson takes us through the evolution of their product and strategy.  An important element of our conversation is hearing Tracie talk through the benefit of accelerator programs and mentors, not just from an intellectual perspective, but the power of the network.  

We also spoke about the diversity considerations inside an early-stage startup, and the role of the network and startup communities can play in bringing a broader perspective.