Startups' Roundtable
Co-lab Pantry – a platform connecting all areas of hospitality
April 29, 2021
Co-lab Pantry is Victoria’s first and largest digital restaurant retail partner and they have created an experiential platform that brings people from all areas of hospitality together in one space. In this episode, I am joined by Co-lab Pantry co-founder, Danni Lebon who is an entrepreneur with a passion for community, food and innovation. With a background in design and business, she has worked with over 300 brands across a vast range of industries both local and globally.
I found the Co-lab Pantry story extremely interesting, and it was great to get behind the scenes and hear about the way Danni Lebon and the team partner with restaurants, bars, chefs, local makers, producers and organisations using food for good to create a community that can continuously share, create and learn together - even when you aren't dining in!

In this conversation, we explored challenges they have faced and overcome, and Danni was very generous in sharing insights and experiences, in particular her reflections on the learning culture within their organisation.