Startups' Roundtable
Tealet Founder, Elyse Petersen, on going from Startup to Global Supply Chain
July 12, 2022
If you're like me, you love tea. You enjoy the ritual of making it, savoring the flavor, and finding new favorite blends. In this episode, Tealet Founder Elyse Petersen joins me at the Startups' Roundtable to discuss how she has built her startup as a place for exploration and connections in global tea culture. Elyse shares lessons and experiences associated with creating a bridge between tea growers and tea drinkers through direct trade teas sourced with the utmost care and fairness to the growers and their families. #trade #equity #sustainability #supplychain #founder #tea #startup #directtrade #tealet
Tealet Founder Elyse Petersen discusses her journey from food scientist through to startup founder, managing a global supply chain.

It is easy to consider the simplicity, joy and elegance of a cup of tea, without recognition of the supply chain and sustainability challenges. 

In this conversation, Elyse shares experiences that bring community, fairness, business and social responsibility into a single frame of reference.