Startups' Roundtable
Cyber fitness for small business - Cynch Security is meeting a pressing need
August 5, 2020
Cynch Security’s Co-Founder and CEO, Susie Jones, joins me at the Startups’ Roundtable to discuss how the Cynch team is finding ways to support small businesses protect their livelihood from cyber risks. These small businesses are some of the most at-risk and underserved parts of today’s economy, despite being the backbone of every society, which makes the Cynch Security story timely and of great interest.

Susie Jones comes to co-found Cynch Security out of a successful career in large corporates.  This created many avenues for us to explore, including her step-off point from being an intrapreneur with a large corporate to tackling an increasingly complex problem in cyber security.

It was also terrific to hear Susie’s perspective on diversity, especially when she reflected on her corporate experiences and then shared how Cynch Security is designing and developing its culture to seek and embrace diversity.