Startups' Roundtable
ConsultXperts: Trusted Marketplace for Independent Consultants
August 2, 2022
Speaking with ConsultXperts’ Jamid Dewani, CEO and Co-founder, introduced me to their innovative consulting marketplace. When finding a consultant, many people think of large firms with impressive offices and a seemingly endless list of satisfied clients. However, thanks to the internet, there is now a trusted marketplace for independent consultants. Here, you can find qualified professionals who are leaders in their field and have a wealth of experience working with clients like you. ConsultXperts allows businesses to connect with experts and get work done. Hire specialists actively looking for their next permanent or freelance challenge. So if you're looking for quality advice and support, look at this trusted marketplace for independent consultants.
Independent consultants are in high demand, but finding a reputable and trusted marketplace to sell their skills can be difficult. 

CEO and Co-founder Jamid Dewani explains that ConsultXperts makes this process easier by providing a centralized location for independent consultants to sell their services, tools, and resources to help them thrive in the market.

ConsultXperts is a trusted marketplace for independent consultants. It provides a centralized location for consultants to sell their skills and resources, as well as tools and resources to help them thrive in the market. 

On this podcast we:
  1. Introduce the listener to ConsultXperts, what it is, and what it does.
  2. Detail how ConsultXperts works, from finding a consultant to hiring one.
  3. Highlight some benefits of using ConsultXperts, including access to a wide range of qualified consultants and the ability to review their qualifications before hiring.
  4. Discuss the business model.