Startups' Roundtable
AI delivering business value: innovation & market-making lessons from VAPAR
October 6, 2020
Today, we get to meet Amanda Siqueira, who is a co-founder and CEO of VAPAR, which is an AI tech startup, automating asset management for utilities and local councils. This conversation with Amanda takes us down the path of emerging tech in an early-stage startup that innovates to reduce the negative impact on neighbourhoods and city blocks when pipes unexpectedly break. When you least expect it! They have AI producing lead indicators to proactive delivery and continuity of utility services. If you have ever heard people challenge the quantifiable business value of AI, then this is the startup that will reset their thinking.

Amanda Siqueira and the Vapar team bring their deep understanding as engineers together with their tech depth to solve a problem that is only ever addressed after the event.  Burst pipes!

To hear their story is to gain an understanding of challenges and lessons involved with creating a market and developing a change mindset with potential customers who have always been fixing pipes after they break.

Besides the go-to-market lessons, the Vapar strategy indicators hold brilliant advice for all startups.