Startups' Roundtable
Mental Health & Millennials - avoiding burnout with Journify
July 28, 2020
Lamia Pardo is the founder of Journify - the audio-first app designed for millennials.  The app allows users to record voice notes on the go, organize them with tags and comments, and track their burnout score. Already, 7 in 10 millennials are suffering from burnout, and the World’s Health Organization estimates this is costing companies a total of $550B in productivity losses. This is a problem needing to be solved, and Lamia takes us inside the Journify evolution and shares data that is shaping their go-to-market.

Prior to starting Journify, Lamia Pardo built and scaled growth marketing, product, finance and analytics teams for startups in the US and Singapore which explains why she was able to discuss multiple aspects of startups on this episode of the Startups’ Roundtable.

Journaling isn’t new, but audio journaling so you can speak your mind in a judgement-free zone - that’s new.

Why do we need Journify? First, because it’s fun to keep a timeline powered by your voice. But mainly, effortless journaling allows for effortless mental wellness. Journaling has been clinically linked to our brain’s health, and our generation is living a crisis of stress, anxiety, and depression. 

This conversation bridges mental health, target market, health research, technology, AI and a lot more.