Startups' Roundtable
FlipTix is changing the face of experiencing events - CEO, Jaime Siegel explains
June 18, 2020
FlipTix has created its own brand of business value when it comes to selling tickets to fill vacated space at a wide range of events. I was pleased to have FlipTix CEO Jaime Siegel join me to discuss their innovative way of maximising the number of customers experiencing an event and by extension, venues maximising revenue.

Venues and their events are static when you get to understand the FlipTix model.  Jaime Siegel spoke with me about how FlipTix can help event owners in the post COVID world achieve better economics on reduced capacity events by allowing them to recapture vacated seats.  

A key message is that FlipTix is not a resale platform – they do not resell tickets but sell brand new tickets to fill vacated space.  This created a base for our discussion to explore the benefits to venues, artists, merchandisers, caterers and transport - every part of the entertainment supply chain stands to benefit from the FlipTix model.