Startups' Roundtable
BindiMaps enables the vision-impaired: learnings from a non-technical founder, Dr Anna Wright
July 8, 2020
BindiMaps is changing the lives of people with vision impairment by enabling them to navigate public spaces independently and safely, and it was a pleasure to speak with Dr Anna Wright who is the CEO and co-founder of BindiMaps on this episode of the Startups’ Roundtable. Anna developed the idea for BindiMaps after undergoing years of major surgery to save her eye-sight, and in this conversation, she shares valuable experiences and perspectives from ideation through to a completed funding round.

Dr Anna Wright covered multiple aspects of a startup’s evolution in this conversation.  From her health trigger that started the BindiMaps journey, through to her PhD and subsequent academic career as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney, researching and teaching in the areas of Innovation and Valuation.

In less than two years since launching BindiMaps, Anna is now a recognised leader in the startup ecosystem, lighting a path for non-technical founders to start and build tech companies that can change the world. 

It is her passion for impact that has seen Anna nominated for 2019 Australian of the Year, in recognition of her leadership and commitment to creating a more inclusive world through BindiMaps. Anna was also listed as one of the top 10 Australian Entrepreneurs to watch in 2019.