Startups' Roundtable
Salary Packaging startup - financial wellness & digital innovation with GO Salary
October 14, 2020
Speaking with GO Salary co-founders, Tony Vitacca and Ben Markovic at the Startups’ Roundtable gave me the opportunity to hear about their depth of experience in the salary packaging space and how they have applied that background to create their own business. Their experience and focus are specifically on the not-for-profit sector and “wellness” is their mission.  Bringing a holistic approach to salary packaging is discussed and lessons learnt are shared during this conversation.

Understanding the sector and the customer at a fine grain is only a part of today's discussion with GO Salary co-founders, Tony Vitacca and Ben Markovic.

We explore the acceleration they have brought to both mindset and behaviours since starting GO Salary.

Today’s guests have a go-to-market that draws on their experience and staying close to their customers and they share a fresh perspective on the role of mentor and coaches on this episode.