Startups' Roundtable
AI-Driven Data Innovation with UniQreate Co-Founder, Kiran Kumar
August 16, 2021
In this episode, I speak with UniQreate CTO and co-founder, Kiran Kumar. UniQreate is an AI company that automates Data Extraction from documents and the web using their Intelligent Workflows and Plugins, leading to continuously improved costs, efficiency and accountability for enterprise business users.
Speaking with UniQreate Co-founder and CTO Kiran Kumar gave me valuable insights into innovation, decision-making, and collaboration. 
An Entrepreneur and experienced Solutions Architect, Kiran has built products ranging from a Stock Trading Terminal for the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and an E-Auction site for the Government of India, to Industrial Risk Control Applications for organizations in South Africa.
These experiences and those of his Co-founders drive the UniQreate vision to constantly increase value for clients through their business processes and resources.