Startups' Roundtable
Insurtech startup massUp - lessons on focus and global growth
September 29, 2020
Today I am joined by Fabian Fisher, who is the founder and MD of massUp, which is an insurtech startup delivering a one-stop solution for online sales of specialty insurances. Fabian has over 20 years of experience in digital production, marketing and communication and especially in Automotive, Insurance. These experiences gave us a rich backdrop for our discussion.

The massUp story embedded with Fabian Fischer’s experiences allowed us to explore the multi-facets of a global digital startup business in 2020. 

Beginning from a position of deep domain expertise and a focused go-to-market by way of geography and offerings, through to global expansion in the COVID era, surfaced multiple insights. 

Also, we discussed the pros and cons of seeking financing, startup accelerator programs and the shared responsibilities in a mentor relationship.