Startups' Roundtable
Syncio helps retailers scale - explained by CEO & Founder, Jimmy Zhong
February 17, 2021
Today I'm joined by Jimmy Zhong, the CEO and Founder at Syncio whose mission is to take commerce to its next stage - to Collaborative Commerce. This is Jimmy's third start-up, and he shares experiences and reflections from his Founder's journey. Also, he takes us inside Syncio to share on-the-ground realities, especially as we live through our life and work adjustments of this Covid era.
Jimmy Zhong shares the Syncio story, and I found the maturity of his thinking and lessons shared to be extremely valuable.
Being in his third start-up means Jimmy has an exciting blend of vision and pragmatism that he offers in today's conversation.
Bringing innovation to the online retail sector takes an extraordinary level of drive and determination - I hope you enjoy this conversation.