Startups' Roundtable
Connecting sponsors & communities in realtime - streamlined by SportsCube
July 1, 2020
SportsCube is a two-sided marketplace that streamlines the connection between rights holders and sponsors, and it was fantastic to speak with Jackson Dickfos, who is a co-founder of SportsCube on this episode. Leveraging technology to understand, access and bring value to an audience was always going to be part of our conversation, but Jackson also highlighted the people and community dimension of what SportsCube is creating.

This episode offers plenty of insights and learnings as Jackson Dickfos, CEO and co-founder of SportsCube shares the path he and his co-founder and CMO, Tim McMurray are charting.  From a university project to a startup that impacts communities, this conversation has a mix of innovation, motivation and reflection.  Also, you will hear how they are using rapid iterations to connect the sponsors and communities SportsCube serves.