Startups' Roundtable
Simplified data privacy compliance using AI & ML - the Harpocrates story
December 17, 2020
Harpocrates simplify data privacy compliance. Co-founders Jan Jensen and Martin Förster have a goal to make data privacy compliance easy for business people, developers and privacy professionals to jointly build the future. Their motivated team is working with the most cutting edge technology to help companies become and remain compliant with privacy laws on a global scale. They are changing the way privacy is both seen and managed globally while artificial intelligence and natural language processing are always improving their knowledge and keeping them in step with new trends.

Harpocrates co-founders Jan Jensen and Martin Förster believe that the EU's GDPR will form the basis of a new data marketplace, with data privacy by design.

In this episode, they explain how they are building a high performance digital regulatory rules engine with an API and SDK based delivery system.

This will enable B2B-clients to implement data protection and privacy compliance elements directly into their products and services to ensure continuously updated digital regulatory rules.